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TITLE:                   ZUMA LEGEND 
PRICE:                  FREE


Zuma Legend, is a noteworthy Games android app that created by X2X Games on Jun 10, 2013. In android Google store you can find many Zuma games (for all kind of tastes), but in my opinion Zuma Legend is one of the best Zuma games from the classic Zuma series. In this game the hero (that is You), is a stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma, which come alive and then explore and unearth the legendary temples. The hero-frog throws coloured balls from its mouth and tries to make a group of 3 and more colourful balls which must have the same colour. The problem is that the hero has to be a great shooter or else a skeleton-enemy opens his mouth and eats all the balls (and our little frog), and brings the end of the game.


The goal of this game is to create groups of three or more same colored balls and to never let the ball chain get to the ending point, because the skeleton-enemy is waiting there to swallow you. You have also to be as quickly as possible because if the time ends, then the skeleton opens its mouth! So, be brave, good and rapid shooter to pass into the next level. But most of all have fun and enjoy this addictive game!


Here it is a step by step tutorial:

– The game starts and the frog has a colored-ball in its mouth. A big chain (looks like a snake) moves in front of you and tries to reach the skeleton’s mouth.

– All you have to do is to:
1. Shooting to match three or more colored balls.
2. Boost your score with power-ups and combos.
– The game has 60 levels, and when you reach the levels 11, 22, 33 and 55 you will have to face the leader-enemy. ( I do not know why there isn’t a leader-enemy at level 44 may be it is a bug?) The leader throws skeletons from its mouth and if you get hitted nothing happens except that the frog starts to turn around. I guess that is a bug and the developer should be fix that. The right thing is if you get hitted 4 times then you should lose the level. To win the leader throw him balls 4 times (he has 4 lives and i believe that the frog should have also 4 lives), but be careful to do that when you don’t have the chain ball in front of you or else you will just grow the chain and you will not hit the leader.


1)  Zuma Legend, it gets 4.6 stars and over 50000 Zuma Legend apk downloads by users.
2) This game is addictive from the moment you start playing.
3) You’ll be transported to a different place where you have to use your wits to get ahead.
4) Zuma Legend, has good graphics and responsive touch controls.
5) It is a free app.


1) There are some bugs that i have already refer (about the leader-enemy which hit the frog and nothing happens)!

2)  I guess  that someone could find this game easy enough and little boring, but Zuma series has a lot of Zuma games with different features and anyone can choose what ever he likes best!


Zuma is one of the most popular bubble shooter games ever! You haven’t played Zuma yet? Then try it for free right away!


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