ZeroLemon 9,000mAh Extended Battery For The LG G3 Now Available On Amazon For $59.99

ZeroLemon LG G3

ZeroLemon has been one of the leading manufacturers for extended battery packs for a wide variety of smartphones for quite a time now and they’re also known for producing ‘extended’ extended battery packs that gives an insane amount of battery juice boost that will make your devices last for days.

And now ZeroLemon has finally made one available for the LG G3 carrying a 9,000mAh capacity that will definitely bring joy to all the G3 power users out there. And what’s even good news is that it will only cost you $59.99. As for the looks, ZeroLemon managed to make the rear cover’s visuals look good including the back buttons of the G3. The whole case will be covering parts of the front of the phone as well, increasing your G3’s height as well.


So if you’re a power user and wouldn’t mind a slight increase on your G3’s height and weight, ZeroLemon’s 9,000mAh extended battery is definitely a good choice and worth taking a look at. It is now available on Amazon for $59.99, with additional 69 cents for shipping and a 6-month warranty.


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