Xiaomi’s Expansion Continues │Reaches More Markets In The East


XiaoMi, led by Lei Jun, dubbed as the ‘Steve Jobs’ of China, and former Google Executive Hugo Barra, has finally succeeded in dominating China and where it’s products even beat Apple products in sales. And now the company has finally started to move on to their market expansions to reach more consumers and eventually the US.

XiaoMi has not only started to produce more line of products, but is now expanding to other emerging markets like Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. President and co-founder Bin Lin also noted that this a mark of the company’s progress and that they will aim to gain success on the said and upcoming markets outside China.

It’s always great to see a popular but restricted manufacturer reach for more markets so that us consumers can have more options to choose from especially that XiaoMi is one of those companies that sells premium and high-end products at a fairly low price than other popular manufacturers.


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