Xiaomi sold 110.000 Mi3 devices in two minutes!

Xiaomi seems to be doing great in the Chinese market, since it managed to sell 110000 Mi3 smartphones in just two minutes, for the Singles day in China (which seems to be the opposite of Valentine’s Day).


The company had 110.000 Mi3, 110.000 HongMi and 110.000 Mi2S devices on special offer, with the Mi3 smartphones to disappear in two minutes offering 17$ million in 3 minutes. ON total Xiaomi sold over 200.000 devices on that day with the company announcing over 90$ million in earnings in 24 hours! Xiaomi is the next big thing in the Chinese market and it seems that we will be seeing a lot from them in the coming months, since they announced that soon they will enter the European market!

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