WSJ: Google plans to unveil its first smartwatch during the next months

Well this doesn’t come as a surprise! According to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), Google is already preparing to unveil its first smartwatch, since it is now, in its final development stages and it will be ready to hit markets all over the world during the following months.


According to the same source, Google’s smartwatch will come with Google Now pre installed (Google’s personal helper), something that looks quite promising, since it is without any doubt one of Google’s most impressive features all over the world. Google’s smartwatch (no we don’t know its name yet) will be compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets but no we have no more info regarding its other features. Google has made significant efforts to improve the battery times of this new gadget in order to offer the best possible experience out there, so we only have to wait for its official unveiling in the coming months.

We will surely let you know when this happens!

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