New Windows Malware Found, Aims To Infect Your Android Device When Connected


In a generation where most people uses cloud services to transfer their files from one device to another, there are still those that weren’t blessed with fast internet connection or just prefers to manually connect them to their computer to transfer their files. But those users might have to think twice now as a new piece of Windows malware has been discovered that attempts to infect Android devices whenever it detects one. This Trojan attempts to install mobile banking malware, a seemingly reverse method of what we have seen before where Windows PC’s get infected whenever an infected device connects to it.

This new malware, called Trojan.Droidpak by Symantec places a .dll file on the infected PC and registers a new system service to ensure its persistence across all system reboots. It then downloads two different files from a remote server that has a malicious .apk file named AV-cdk.apk. It also downloads the Android Debug Bridge command line tool that allows users to execute commands on Android devices connected to a PC, silenty installing the APK file. This APK also intercepts SMS messages received by users and sends them to a remote server, which can cause transaction fraud.

But fret not, as this malware can only harm your Android device if you have USB debugging ON in developer options in settings. There’s no other workaround for this malware for now, so if you want to make sure you don’t get this Trojan malware, make sure to turn your USB Debugging OFF first before connecting them to your Windows PC.

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