Well, it looks like the Chinese have already designed next gen Galaxy S5 (or perhaps its clone!)

Hey, what would you say if we presented you with Samsung’s Galaxy S5… (or perhaps its clone) BEFORE Samsung unveils it? Now we’re not joking!

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Clone-01 (1)

The Chinese company “No1” has been cloning smartphones from Apple and Samsung for quite some time now and this time goes a step further, by unveiling the clone of Galaxy S5… before its official announcement!

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Clone-02 (1)

As you can see the design has been inspired by several concepts that have been released during the past few months, but its specs look quite impressive: an 8 core MediaTek MT6592 SoC and a 16MPixel camera with OIS! As you can understand this isn’t going to be anything like Samsung’s next flagship but in any case it would look like a really interesting (and cheap) high end smartphone to have! Don’t you think? If you want to know more about the device then visit this link.

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