Serious Vulnerability Found In Samsung KNOX


With BlackBerry stepping down on the enterprise market, Samsung looks to be the new go-to manufacturer for the business class consumers by introducing the KNOX security software. If you aren’t familiar with KNOX yet, it works by integrating itself with Android’s framework and the device hardware to create a container, as a separate place for storing data and keeping it safe.

But it looks like Samsung needs to do more refining on their KNOX software as according to cyber-security researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, there’s a huge vulnerability to it that can intercept your phone’s data.

This vulnerability, if exploited will allow hackers to track your emails and record your data communications. The researchers also said not only can hackers secure your data, but they can modify them as well and even insert hostile code which could put a secure network at risk. This vulnerability was found earlier this month, where Samsung said that it isn’t as serious as the researchers said it is and they are already investigating on it.



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