Future update of the Google’s Hangouts will have SMS and MMS intergration


Yesterday, Android Police, received some screenshots of the upcoming update of the Hangouts Application. In these screenshots it’s clear enough, that the upcoming update of the Hangouts Application will finally include one of the most wanted feature, that users have been asking for. The SMS and MMS integration!

Also from the posted screenshots, we learn that the version of the Hangouts that will bring these new features, is 1.3. According to Android Police, another feature that will come with Hangouts v1.3, is video sharing via Hangouts protocol. However, we still don’t have any information if the new version of Hangouts will also bring the voice integration feature.

In this new Hangouts version, the SMS messages will have a clear mark “via SMS” next to them, so users will be able to recognize the different types of messages. Same will be happening when users send an MMS message. As we can see from the above Settings screenshot, the delivery reports seem to be supported as well.


Unfortunately we don’t know when Google will roll out this new version of Hangouts, but we suspect it may be done with the presentation of the new Android 4.4 KitKat. Another thing that remains to be seen, is what will happen with the Messaging Application. We suspect that at least in Nexus devices, the new version of Hangouts, will replace the Messaging Application. But these are only speculations and we don’t have any information that can prove it.


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