Two Unannounced Sony Handsets Spotted On AnTuTu



Today, we have spotted two Sony devices that’s yet to be announced via the benchmark site AnTuTu. The two devices, with model numbers D2004 and D2005, are expected to enter the entry-level market which racked up identical scores at 12,633 and 12,790 respectively. That could only mean that these to devices will probably belong to the same series with one being an LTE model and the other offering an HSPA+ connection.

If you’re thinking that that’s all Sony has to offer for the first two months of 2014, you better think again as Sony has vowed to avoid unveiling their high-end devices at events like CES as to avoid leaks like what we’re seeing now with the Galaxy S5 and other devices. So we still might see them launching a capable to high-end devices at the first months of 2014, with the latter being unlikely.



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