New ‘Ultra-Thin’ Huawei Tablet Passes Through Bluetooth Certification



Huawei has impressed a lot of people with their new products unveiled at CES, like their TRON micro console, and the Ascend Mate 2. And as for those wondering if Huawei has any plans for a tablet for early this year, we have good news for you as a new tablet described as ‘ultra-thin’ just passed through Bluetooth Certification.

According to the certification, the device, called the Huawei 7D-501L, is a stylish 7-inch device with an aluminum-alloy chasis and is 7.5 mm thick. It has both Wifi and 3G (up to 4G LTE) network support and is said to have an excellent audio with it’s sound technology. The certification also stated the geographical availability of the device which are Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. If anything new regarding the device comes up, we’ll sure to let you know.



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