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TITLE:                  TRIPLE TOWN
PRICE:                  FREE


Triple Town is an original puzzle game by Spry Fox LLC a developer that claims about his games : “Well, it’s pretty simple. We want to make the world a happier place and we’re using games to do it. We want to help people connect with their old friends and make new ones. We want to give people more ways to express and challenge themselves. But mostly, we just want to give people more ways to have fun and enjoy their lives!”

Well Triple Town is one of those games that we certainly enjoyed a lot and has two versions, free-to-play, and paid. In the free version, after playing for a while (the player gets 150 turns), you will run out of turns and you will need to wait for them to refresh over time (you can go and do something else while the turns regenerate approximately 2.5 hours), or you can buy more turns with the free coins you earn in the game. In paid version, which costs $3.99, you get unlimited turns and three additional maps. You have also the opportunity to build up over consecutive games, or match high-level structures to buy 200 additional turns.

Triple Town is available (in various forms) on Facebook, Google+, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and more while has been featured in the US three times by Apple and designated an “editor’s choice” game by Google. It was called “Facebook Game of the Year” in 2011 and has received a variety of other accolades and awards.


The main goal of the game is to be a great builder and try to grow the greatest possible city. The larger the city you build, the more points you score. The player is presented with a 6×6 grid which is partially-populated with a mixture of foliage, as well as a chance of bears, chunks of stone, etc. The top-left square is occupied by a placeholder square, allowing you to save a single game piece for later.

When the game starts you get a piece to place (usually it is grass), and you have to match three or more game-pieces. If you combine three grasses you make a bush, if you combine three bushes you get a tree… until you’ve filled the board with small houses, hotels, cathedrals and castles. Along the way, you’ll have to outwit giant bears who will try to block your progress. In addition, at higher levels, Ninja Bears will appear, which are able to hop anywhere on the map, without regard for boundaries formed by other pieces.

Actually you need to have a good strategy because one mistake can lead to churches, houses and other structures littered around the field, making it tough to progress. When the player is in a bind, there are two more pieces to assist in particular. Magic crystals act as wildcards, allowing the completion of a difficult match. Excavators have the ability to remove any piece from the grid or turn a bear into a tombstone (including Ninja Bears, which can’t be blocked in like their earth-bound brothers).
As the town population grows, more tiny residents come bouncing into the street to express their pleasure. If one of the bears growls, all villagers leap into the air and run for indoors (which happen to be drawn in a very cute “scary” style). It’s nothing complicated, but the animation is smooth and engaging, and the art has a uniform style with no visual issues.
So, do your best, construct the biggest city, make your residents happy, and enjoy!


Here it is a step by step tutorial:

-The game starts and you get a peace (usually it is grass) that you have to put in the 6 x 6 grid.

– Put the peace to match three or more grasses together. Now you have a bush. Then match three or more bushes and have a tree, then a red little house (hut), a blue bigger house, a hotel, a double castle, triple castle and a castle that flies in the air!

– Each combination gives you a little breathing room, but you can’t outright clear anything off the board until you match up the very top tier. Have a good strategy because it’s incredibly easy to end up putting your trees all over town, and not so simple to actually build them together.

– Occasionally you’ll luck out and draw a crystal, which acts as a wildcard, or a bot which can clear a space. You can also switch out one piece for safekeeping (just put a piece into top-left square which is a placeholder square) and that can save your city-building career if you use it well.

– Then there are the bears. You have to get rid of them (actually you have to murder them), by trapping. If you blockading them, so that they are unable to move, then they leave a gravestone behind. Three gravestones make a church. Three churches make a cathedral and 3 or more cathedrals give a treasure. Do not forget to open the treasure and get points and also a free space.

– The goal is to earn more and more points to upgrade your settlement to a camp, a town, a city, a megalopolis and several steps in between.
– As your lever increases you have to deal also with ninja bears that jump all over the grid. You can trap them also (like the casual bears) but it has to be 3 or more ninja bears to trap them.


1) Pretty straightforward matching game with cutesy art (cartoonish and entertaining).
2) Editor’s Choice on Google Play!!!
3) Runner up, indie game of 2011 – Edge Magazine.
4) Runner up, social game of 2011 –
5) The game’s audio is minimalistic, with occasional effects for bears or villagers. In addition, it’s very inconspicuous, so it is far less annoying to others in the vicinity if the sound is accidentally left on. (An attribute that all mobile games should keep in mind).
6) Casually-paced and easy to pick up. Simply tap controls.


1) There’s not any disadvantages that I have noticed except one little problem. The free ride runs out, and then you can only purchase more turns or buy the game or waiting for the time to pass which is really annoying…And to be honest the cost ($3.99) for a puzzle game it is not what we used to pay for such games..
2) Also as a free game has a lot of advertisement (adds) that are annoying.


Triple Town is another matching game, but it’s deep and surprisingly strategic. It’s challenging enough to keep your brain working and simple enough to dig in those one-more-game hooks. It has a city building aesthetic and a surprising amount of depth. The result? The most addictive portable game I’ve played so far this year. So, let’s give it a try!


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