Tiny Thief: Review

Tiny Thief
by Rovio Stars Ltd.
Brain & Puzzle

Tiny Thief, the newest game from Rovio Stars, is a part adventure, part stealth, and part puzzle point-and-tap platform game. You play the part of a Robin Hood-esque Thief, who makes it his business to meddle in the affairs of the locals, usually for the greater good, with a small penchant for mischief.

Why it’s hot:
– intuitive gameplay
– nice graphics and animation
– Fun and challenging levels

Why it’s not:
– Very pre-determined. There’s just one way to solve a level, so autonomy is limited.
– Doesn’t feel as rewarding as the Angry Birds series.

Tiny Thief is an adorable little puzzle game that requires ingenuity, stealth and logic. You maneuver Tiny Thief through each level, with precise set objectives. Mostly involve stealing or removing something. You have a weasel or a ferret for a companion and you need to find her/him on each level too. There’s also mystery objectives to retrieve on each level for maximum scores.

The game graphics are very well designed. Tiny Thief performs a variety of signature moves when he reaches the exit of each level and it’s fun discovering what is next. The game is completely 2D but quite detailed throughout. Menus and tutorial sections are of equal quality- as you’d surely expect from Rovio. The sound is very good too, with excellent sound effects and a rolling medieval theme.

There are six different adventures to traverse through and these naturally get more complicated as you progress. The puzzles themselves are clever and just require patience, keen eyes and experimentation to solve. You use screen taps to interact with interactive level elements and these will often flash up and give you hints to follow.

Controls make it easy to play, but the puzzles gradually gets trickier and herder as you gets deeper in levels. It’s fun to gradually work out solutions even if you get caught a few times. It is a little disappointing that there is little in the way of autonomy in the game. The solutions are very pre-determined so you can’t find alternative ways of solving each level. The strength of stealth games is that you often get to choose your own path, but not so with game.

The Verdict:  9.0/10

Tiny Thief serves as a breath of fresh air after Rovio’s recent titles. As a puzzle game, Tiny Thief is thoroughly enjoyable with fun and challenging puzzles that should captivate people of all ages. The game marries them with some lovely visuals and character animations and the end result is something you are not going to forget easily. Priced at $2.99, Tiny Thief is a must have.

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