Get third-party apps running on the Samsung Galaxy Gear


If you own a Galaxy Gear and you want to make more use of it, here’s some ways to install third-party apps on your smartwatch to lighten it up a little.

The Galaxy Gear has a “USB debug” checkbox in the settings meaning you can connect it to your computer, and using ADB, you can type in some commands and sideload whatever you want onto your Galaxy Gear . The Gear runs on Android 4.2.2 with an 800MHz processor plus 512MB of RAM, so it can run normal apps just like any other Android device.

And since there are no method to gain root rights yet,  it’s impossible to get  some google apps run on your Galaxy Gear. But some apps definitely work like Candy Crush Saga, Dolphin Browser, and other apps that the Galaxy Gear can run with it’s specs.



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