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Outfit7, the entertainment company that created Talking Friends, (Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles, etc,) launched the most customizable and creative version of the world’s most popular cat (which is Talking Tom), with the release of its new app, My Talking Tom.

The unique Tom characteristics, loved by fans globally (the original Talking Tom apps have been downloaded over 500 million times and reached no. 1 in 140 countries), remain in My Talking Tom and are more fun than ever before. Talk and he will still talk back, poke, stroke and tickle him till he purrs and falls down, then tap his feet and watch him hop around, but also now you can adopt your very own baby Tom, name him and watch him as he becomes a part of your everyday life.

With this new app, fans are rewarded as they play and help Tom grow through his nine life stages including baby, toddler, teen and adult, unlocking new items and coins as they go. By unlocking new items and coins they can decorate his home, selecting creative and crazy furniture or decor. Then choose from a myriad of different furs for their Tom (from an alien to a zombie and Siamese to a leopard), fans can dress him up to become their very own cat, and even add glasses and hats to match. My Talking Tom inspires constant love and attention.

Play with Talking Tom like never before My Talking Tom is free and available to download on Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Windows Phone 8.
Experience My Talking Tom and download him here.
Check out the My Talking Tom gameplay trailer.


The goal of this app is to:
– Nurture your very own Tom: Play games with him, feed him his favorite foods, and tuck him into bed.
– Enjoy life-like emotions: Tom can be happy, hungry, sleepy, bored… his emotions change according to how you play with him.
– Unleash your creativity: Create your very own Tom by choosing from 1000’s of combinations of furs, clothing and furniture.
– Get rewards as you progress: Help Tom grow through 9 different stages and 50 levels unlocking new items and coins as you go!
– Interact with Tom: Talk and Tom still repeats everything you say. Poke, stroke and tickle him, and watch how he responds.

Samo Login, Founder and CEO of Outfit7 said about the app:
“Our goal is to deliver fun and with this new launch we are taking Talking Tom and the app interactivity experience to new levels. First there was Talking Tom, then Talking Tom 2 and his friends became a global phenomenon attracting fans from every country across the globe and achieving 1.2 billion downloads to date. We are now excited to introduce My Talking Tom and a whole new entertainment experience.”

Well one thing is certain, that we really enjoyed this new Tom (which is more addictive than ever)! So, be a good nanny to your little Tom by making him happy, and have fun!


Here it is a step by step tutorial:

TIP: Users can play and access all levels of the app and all features necessary to progress within the game without making any in-app purchases using real money. Gold coins can be earned by playing in-app mini games, liking the app on Facebook and progressing to the next level. Users can also buy gold coins with real money. Some items are locked and available at higher levels of the app. To buy locked items before reaching the appropriate level, users will have to spend more gold coins than if they wait until these items unlock. For more information about in-app purchases using real money please see the End User License Agreement available at, section My Talking Tom.

– A box is arriving in your living room. Open the box and tata! You just have adopted a pet, Talking Tom.

– With the first button at the bottom of the screen you can buy clothes, food, furniture, etc. Just push it a spent your coins!

– If the second button is red, then it is time to play a really fun mini game. Try to hit all the mice with your hammer and earn more coins. Be carefoul because the blue mice change always their line in which they are running. Also, the red mice are really fast! Are you quickly enough to catch them all? You have only 5 lives each time you are playing the mini game and when you lose a mouse then you lose a life.

– If the third button is red then push the button to take him to kitchen. Tom is hungry. Buy him something with your coins. Choose what ever you like from the list.

– If the fourth button is red then push the button to take him to the toilet. He is relieved now..

– If the fifth button is red then take Tom to his bed and do not forget to close the light.

– Try to keep Tom always happy by making all the buttons green.
– Watch him how he grows and how he reacts.

– Give him better fur, furniture, floor, etc. There are many combinations!


TIP: As you level up, then you will have more choices with food, clothes, furniture, etc.


1) My Talking Tom joins the Talking Tom and Friends family that has achieved:
– 170 million monthly active users.
– Over 1.2 billion downloads.
– 725 million views on YouTube.
–  Downloads in 230 countries & territories.
2) Cool graphics and really addictive and funny game.
3) Many choices of food, furs, furniture, etc.
4) It is a free game.
5) You can easily earn coins and you do not have to buy them with real money!


1) My personal opinion is that if  “My Talking Tom” has more interactive spots (for example: When you touch the TV, Tom could say something or shit to armchair or watch a program or even the trailer of Tom..or if you touch the painting then Tom could say something, etc), all that could made this app even better. Furthermore points would be added if there was two more mini games for more coins. (For example when Tom goes to toilet he could read a book (and play a mini game). But still we must say that My Talking Tom app is one of the best free apps.
2) Also as a free game has a lot of advertisement (adds) that are annoying. But we can understand that the developer is trying to make a living somehow and yet give us a free app.


Fans can now interact with Talking Tom like never before. Whereas previous Talking Friends apps have focused on simple interactions and the ability of their characters to repeat what you say to them in squeaky voices, ” My Talking Tom” takes things one step further. You can name him, feed him, play with him and nurture him as he grows from a cute kitten to a fully-grown cat. Actually, you can treat him more like a virtual pet.

So, if you like game with pets and also mimic – interactive games (like all the previous Talking Friends), then you should try this one. A really good job from Outfit7 and also free!


Best known for its global phenomenon Talking Tom, Outfit7 is one of the fastest-growing media entertainment companies on the planet.

Outfit7 was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 2009 whose mission is to bring fun and entertainment to all.  Its flagship franchise Talking Tom and Friends has achieved over 1.2 billion downloads since its launch in 2010 and continues to grow with 170 million active users each month.

Talking Tom and Friends are unique fully animated 3D animal characters who love to be petted and played with through an array of in-app user functions.  Each with their own distinct personality, Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Talking Gina and a host of lovable friends are fully-interactive and can engage in two-way conversations with users.  Fans can even create and share videos of interactions with their favourite characters via Facebook and YouTube.

The popular characters started life in the digital world and now Talking Tom and Friends extend from mobile apps to chart-topping YouTube singles, animated web series, innovative merchandise and a soon to be released TV series.

Out Fit 7 Limited is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus and has subsidiaries in Palo Alto, USA; London, England; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Seoul, South Korea.

For more information, please visit,


London, UK: 6th January, 2014

My Talking Tom, the latest in a series of entertainment apps from Outfit7 and sequel to the global app phenomenon Talking Tom and Talking Tom 2, has purred its way to the top spot.  After just 10 days the most engaging and life-like version of the world’s most lovable cat became the top games app in 135 countries on all major platforms.

Following its global launch on November 14, 2013 on Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Windows Phone 8, My Talking Tom received over 11 million worldwide downloads in 10 days – a figure which soared to over 27 million within a month, making My Talking Tom one awesome app.

Thanks to new technology and exciting new functions that build on the original gameplay of the Talking Tom brand, My Talking Tom offers even more engaging content for fans and new users alike. You can adopt your very own baby kitten, name him and make him part of your daily lives by playing with him and nurturing him as he grows from a cute kitten to a fully-grown cat. My Talking Tom is truly personal to each user with functions that allow you to decorate Talking Tom’s home, choose the food he eats and even take him to the bathroom when he needs to go. My Talking Tom inspires constant love and attention from players of all ages.

“We’re delighted that My Talking Tom, our most customizable app to-date, not only strikes a chord with our dedicated fan base but has also captured the hearts of millions of new users,” said Samo Login, Founder and CEO of Outfit7.  “We’re passionate about delivering fun and engaging entertainment and we’re looking forward to bringing even more to our users across the globe this year.”

To play My Talking Tom for free, download here –

For gameplay details, view the trailer –

For My Talking Tom images, download here –

Since launch, My Talking Tom has already introduced two upgrades on all platforms. Fans can now play with their own-named Talking Tom knowing that once he is fully grown a magic potion can reverse his growth back to a kitten again. As well as a brand new mini game to enjoy, there’s a myriad of new wardrobe items including furs, from pink to military-style, different color hats, girly hair and even butterflies. If that’s not enough, the My Talking Tom 1.3 upgrade is planned for release in the second half of January and will bring even more exciting new additions, such as being able to see how grown up your friends’ Talking Tom cats are.

London, UK: 10th February 2014

Outfit7, the entertainment company behind the global phenomenon Talking Tom and Friends, is celebrating news that its flagship property has grown in popularity by a massive 35% in the last four months alone.  The pop culture power brand now exceeds 230 million monthly active users – a fan base that continues to grow exponentially around the world.

Having surpassed 1.5 billion global downloads, with 500,000 subscribers to its YouTube channels and over 14 million fans engaging on Facebook, Talking Tom and Friends will be given life on the small screen as Outfit7 continues development on an all-new animated TV series.

“The enormous success of Talking Tom and Friends is thanks to the brand’s characters and personalities, which resonate with people of all cultures, ages and demographics,” said Alessandro Traverso, COO, Outfit7. “Not only are we seeing a huge increase in downloads, but our brand awareness and consumer engagement continues to soar to record-breaking heights.

“Talking Tom and Friends is one of the only global brands to achieve download billionaire status, while also being strong in both entertainment and games. The development of our TV series demonstrates the global appetite for a property that is, at its core, true interactive entertainment,” continued Traverso.

Since debuting on global app stores in 2010 with the original Talking Tom app, the Talking Tom and Friends brand now comprises of a total of 14 apps featuring six unique characters.  Outfit7 achieved global recognition when Talking Tom and Friends became the fastest growing entertainment app series of all time, a mere 19 months after its launch.  The brand has now become a global entertainment phenomenon having infiltrated popular culture with its characters featured on ABC’s Modern Family, NBC’s Today Show and the 2013 White House Easter Roll to name but a few.

Now, a dominant player in entertainment, the Talking Tom and Friends mobile apps have permeated over 230 territories, having moved beyond second screen entertainment to chart-topping YouTube singles, an animated web series, innovative merchandise and the impending release of its first TV series.

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