New Windows Malware Found, Aims To Infect Your Android Device When Connected


In a generation where most people uses cloud services to transfer their files from one device to another, there are still those that weren’t blessed with fast internet connection or just prefers to manually connect them to their computer to transfer their files. But those users might have to think twice now as a new piece of Windows malware has been discovered that attempts to infect Android devices whenever it detects one. This Trojan attempts to install mobile banking … Continue reading

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ASUS Unveils The Transformer Book Duet TD300



When Asus entered the Android world, they showed us a new take on tablets – the convertible, or what they call the transformer. And since then the Taiwanese company has continued to produce more and more Android and Windows convertible and last year they made another noise with their dual-booting Transformer Book Trio that can switch from Android to Windows OS with just a push of a button.

And for this year at CES 2014 Asus has … Continue reading

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Intel Confirms Dual OS Initiative At CES 2014



We have seen glimpse of it before through Asus’ Transformer Book Trio, and yesterday at CES 2014 Intel has finally confirmed about it’s idea to put Android and Windows together on an Intel-powered devices particularly tablets, hybrids, and all-in-ones.

And why do Intel pushes this idea? What’s in for users to have both Android and Windows OS on a single device? Well it’s because of the hard fact that Windows is still the generally preferred OS for business … Continue reading

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Rumor: Sony To Produce A Windows Phone This Year?


Sony Mobile has been pretty much loyal to Android OS for all of it’s mobile devices but it looks like it’s about to change as according to a report from The Information, Sony is looking to produce it’s first Windows-powered smartphone sometime next year.Sony and Microsoft has reportedly held numerous discussions, with Sony going so far as to draw up designs for a prototype device. But the report notes that a deal hasn’t yet been finalized and … Continue reading

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ASUS Tablet Reaches FCC With Variants Running On Android, Windows Or Both



A new M80T tablet by ASUS that has just been spotted through the FCC.  There’s not much information about the device for now, but one thing is clear as seen on the image above – The device should ship in three primary variants that respectively runs on Android, Windows or both (Dual OS). A nice treat from ASUS as consumers get to use the OS that they prefer, on the same device. The M80T could be an entry-level … Continue reading

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