Official Android 4.3 (build XXUGMJ9) for Samsung Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300)

Samsung already updated Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 2, now Android 4.3 firmware is finally available for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung internally tested a few Android 4.2 builds, but never released them officially and skipped directly to 4.3. The several months wait has come to an end – now S III users will be able to enjoy new goodies.

Android-4.3-Galaxy-S3(1)A couple of days ago the first Android 4.3 leak came online and was pretty stable, though still having … Continue reading

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HTC: KitKat for the One within 90 days and for the Google Play edition within 15 days


As we all know the Nexus devices will get the new Android (KitKata 4.4) update almost immediately after yesterday’s event. But what about other Android devices? Usually all manufacturers release the updates with the latest Android version months later.

But HTC seems to have change it’s stand on its updates policy as  HTC America’s president Jason Mackenzie announced via his interview with Engadget,  about the company’s rollout plans, at least for the HTC One.

According to Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s goal is to first … Continue reading

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NVIDIA Shield Gets A Lavish Update: Android 4.3, Button Mapping Software, Console Mode, And More


The NVIDIA SHIELD, for some, is quite a disappointment because it can only play titles that have been optimized for it. NVIDIA promised though that they are fixing things in their latest update where it will bring Android 4.3, and finally the the ability for gamers to play whatever game they like using these great physical buttons.

NVIDIA Shield users can now map physical controls in-games through the GamePad Mapper app included in the new update. The GamePad Mapper … Continue reading

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Which devices are getting Android 4.4. update first?

October is finally here – the rumored release date of  Android 4.4. And since many users are wondering if their device will be getting the latest update and whilst companies are still struggling to roll out official port of Android 4.3 for their devices, the guys at AndroPit compiled lists of names for which they believe will be the first.


What we can expect from the new KitKat 4.4. are some minor UI changes, while the … Continue reading

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