Latest Ubuntu Developer Preview Now Allows Dual-Boot With Android


Ubuntu developer previews has been released for several Android devices in February 2013 and has been getting nothing but positive feedbacks since then. We have also seen their concept of Ubuntu Edge that can Dual-boot on both Ubuntu and Android. Although the Ubuntu Edge hasn’t came to due to the lack of funding, Canonical and it’s Ubuntu still won’t lose it’s steam as they have recently landed a deal with a smartphone manufacturer that will produce devices that will … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Lands It’s First Smartphone Deal, Will Come To High-End Devices In 2014


Today, we bring great news for ubuntu fans like me as Canonical’s CEO Mark Shuttleworth has just stated in his interview with CNet that the company has just signed its first Ubuntu handset deal where the ubuntu would ship along with high-end smartphones sometime in 2014. While Shuttleworth didn’t named the smartphone manufacturer, he added that Canonical is negotiating phone deals with four “household brands.”

It’s too soon to say whether or not Ubuntu will get enough … Continue reading

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Ubuntu for Android: A new operating system for Smartphones


How would you like a PC that fits in your pocket? Well now multi-core Android phones can be PCs too with Ubuntu for Android, which enables high-end Android handsets to run Ubuntu, the world’s favourite free PC desktop operating system.


Ubuntu for Android, currently under development, is a free and open source variant of Ubuntu designed to run on Android phones. It is expected to come pre-loaded on several … Continue reading

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