Samsung explains ISOCELL technology found in Galaxy S5’s camera

Samsung has been working on ISOCELL technology for quite sometime now, trying to improve the camera features of their smartphones and according to their official info, they are now ready to use it widely, starting with Galaxy S5.


What is in fact, ISOCELL technology and why does it perform better than other technologies? In the following video by Samsung, you will surely learn all the answers. According to the Koreans, ISOCELL sensors are thinner than traditional BSI sensors, thus … Continue reading

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Meet Toshiba’s TransferJet technology


At CES 2013, Toshiba presented it’s new technology called TranferJet. This new technology promises much faster data transfers than Bluetooth, over a distance of a few centimeters.

Now that we learned about it, Toshiba is finally ready to launch several products with this new TrasferJet technology. There is an SDHC card compatible and a Micro USB adapter that you can plug into your Smartphone.

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