Red Sony Xperia Z1 makes an impromptu appearance running on Android 4.4.2!

Fiery red color! Yes we love it! It’s a Sony Xperia Z1 that made an appearance in some corner of the WWW and not only it’s sooo red, but it runs on Android KitKat!


Wait, it gets better: the KitKat version it runs on is even newer than the one Nexus 5 runs on and it is named Android 4.4.2!

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Sony Xperia Z1 drop test (video)

Well the guys over at Android Authority really like to torment the smartphones they get in their hands with some awesome drop tests as you may know. This time Sony’s Xperia Z1 had it and trust me, it really did great!


Sony’s die hard flagship was submitted in three drop tests from the same height but from 3 different placements (side, front and back). The outside of the device remained intact but Josh Vergara (the reviewer) noticed some … Continue reading

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Anyone interested in Sony Xperia Z1 official wallpapers?


Well, tell me now, who doesn’t like brand new wallpapers for his Android toy? I guess no one, so if you are looking for something hot and you like the abstract wallpapers Sony chooses for its Xperia Z1 flagship then here’s your chance!

Thanks to an XDA forum member, Ben Ling (who grabbed them from the system dump) you can all download these wallpapers to your smartphone! You can download them one by one, or… all of them … Continue reading

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