New Samsung Smartwatch Patent Reveals Round Display

Samsung SW

Samsung has recently filed some smartwatch patents at the United States Patents and Trademarks Office where it showed that Samsung will be working on a smartwatch with round display soon. Don’t confuse this with the rumored Galaxy Gear Solo with standalone SIM-card support though as this one requires to be paired to a smartphone or tablet for operation according to it’s patent description.

Looking at the patent details, Samsung’s new smartwatch, having a round display, looks similar to … Continue reading

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Samsung plans to unveil another Android Wear smartwatch

It looks like Samsung plans to be the next… Casio in the wearables market. So after launching Gear 2 and Gear Fit, the Koreans plan to unveil another smart watch this year becoming more aggressive in the wearables market.


So according to rumors Samsung plans to unveil a new smartwatch that will run on Android Wear OS, and not Tizen OS like Gear 2 and Gear Fit do. If these rumors are correct, … Continue reading

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Here are the specs of Google’s and LG’s smartwatch

Well here it is again, @evleaks strike back with some impressive leaks this time! And what he leaked? The purported specs of Google’s and LG’s first smartwatch!



As you can see it will be a smartwach with an IPS LCD display @ 1.65 inches, with a 280×280 pixel resolution, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage! It has similar specs to Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo that however run on Tizen os and have better display resolution … Continue reading

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Huawei To Unveil It’s First Smartwatch Along With A Smartphone And Two Tablets At MWC




This year has been pretty much what we’d predicted it to be for the new wearable tech market, with a number of manufacturers announcing their upcoming products back at CES. And now that the Mobile World Congress is coming, expect more manufacturers to join in on the wearable tech craze.

And the newest big name company to announce their entrance on the emerging market is Huawei, where it plans to unveil it’s very first Continue reading

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Confirmed: Asus Working On A Smartwatch


The wearable tech market has started the year with a loud bang with several OEMs announcing their plans and upcoming products for this year. Pebble and Razer in particular has wowed people back at CES with their Steel and Nabu smartwatches, and now Asus has announced that they are joining the fray and promised to bring a smartwatch that people will definitely love.

The announcement came from the company’s CEO, Johnny Shih, who said that not only they are … Continue reading

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Intel Set To Enter The Wearable Tech Market



Aside from announcing their idea of making Android and Windows OS boot together on an Intel processor, Intel also announced their plans on entering the wearable tech market at CES 2014 by releasing it’s own smartwatch.

Intel stated that their smartwatch wouldn’t need to be tethered to smartphone as it will have its own connectivity on board. The gadget will support geofencing, meaning it would be able to handle location-based notifications.


“Wearables are not everywhere today because … Continue reading

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