Samsung Galaxy Round is a prototype?

When it was originally unveiled everyone believed that it would be officially released in the market. But unfortunately the truth is quite different.  So according to info Samsung’s Galaxy Round is nothing more than a proof-of-concept” if you like, and not a device ready for mass production! Even in China, it will be available in limited numbers according to Samsung.


The same rumors insist that it will be used just like prototype SCH-W850 was used as a test device … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Round officially announced


We reported a few hours ago about a mysterious Samsung device that has recently gotten its certification over in Korea which could either be the Galaxy Round or the flexible variant of the Galaxy Note 3.

Well it turns out as a combination of both.

The mysterious device has just been announced in Korea and will be officially called the Galaxy Round that virtually looks like the Galaxy Note 3 minus the S-Pen and of course, a … Continue reading

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