The first Project Ara test kits are now available

After the first functional demonstration of the project during this year’s Google I/O 2014, it’s now time for Google to open the requests for the test kits that some lucky developers will soon receive, by the end of the month.


This specific pre-release of Project Ara is all about developer boards that developers can buy in order to help them create the necessary prototype modules for the devices. It’s only the first part … Continue reading

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Motorola announces “Project Ara” – A free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones


Some months ago, Dave Hakkens introduced to us his idea about the “Phonebloks“. Then we all thought that if this project became a reality would be something very nice. But did anyone actually believed that any manufacturer would follow this idea? Honestly i didn’t.

But hey, life has many surprises. And we couldn’t be happier after we read the new Motorola’s announcement. The Project Ara.

Here is what Motorola says about the Project Ara:

The design for Project Ara consists … Continue reading

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