OnePlus One To Slowly Go Public Until Late June

OnePlus One (Black)

The OnePlus One has been the rage for most Android enthusiast lately, that boasts flagship level specs and features a custom CyanogenMod 11s software making it a unique offering from your usual bloated flaghsip devices except for of course, the Nexus devices. But what makes the OnePlus One even more appealing is that it also carries a price tag that could even beat the future Nexus products as the 16GB variant of the device only costs $299 … Continue reading

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OnePlus One Finally Unveiled │ A Legitimate Flagship Killer Starting At $299

OnePlus One

Finally, the long wait is over. The much awaited newcomer has finally made it’s appearance. Meet the OnePlus One.

OnePlus has been teasing us for the past few months with their “never settle” campaign that aims to give us consumers the best hardware and software in one device, which can only one thing – flagship top of the line specs inside and out. For the hardware side of things, it’s obvious that they will put in whatever’s the … Continue reading

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OnePlus One Device To Launch In Q2 This Year, Says CEO



The OnePlus One device, an upcoming product by the team up of OnePlus and Cyanogen Inc., is expected to come in second quarter of this year, according to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. The CEO also about what OnePlus is all about, their goals, and how they differ compared to other Android OEMs. He also said that the OnePlus One will be the manifestation of the ‘best hardware’ and ‘best software’ in one device. He also talked about the … Continue reading

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OnePlus Launches ‘NeverSettle’ Wallpaper Crusade For the Upcoming OnePlus One CyanogenMod Phone



We just reported yesterday that OnePlus has collaborated with Cyanogen Inc in an attempt to to bring the ‘best hardware’ and ‘best software’ together on a smartphone that they’ll call the OnePlus One.

And now OnePlus has started the #NeverSettle campaign where they made the OnePlus One’s potential lockscreen and homescreen available for download, and for people to share it in order to increase the awareness towards the relatively new company and it’s upcoming OnePlus One … Continue reading

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OnePlus Partners With CyanogenMod To Produce OnePlus One Smartphone



We heard about if before, and now it’s official. OnePlus and CyanogenMod Inc will collaborate to bring the ‘best hardware’ and ‘best software’ on a smartphone that they’ll call the OnePlus One.

“What’s coming is one of the most popular mobile operating systems specifically developed for the best hardware, with a unique twist. The smartphone industry is ripe for disruption, and 2014 should prove to be a huge year for the future of the market.” says OnePlus CEO … Continue reading

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