The All New HTC One – Everything We Know So Far


After months of countless rumors and leaks, the all new HTC One is finally set to be unveiled come March 25. And to look back at all we have reported before, here’s what to expect with HTC’s flagship smartphone device for 2014.

First off, the all new HTC One will be the first HTC device to feature live on-screen navigation buttons. The device will also feature very thin bezels that makes the display bigger without increasing the device’s overall … Continue reading

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HTC One (2014) To Be Available In Five Color Options


Yes. Another HTC One (2014) leak has been dropped again. HTC santa Shen Ye posted a follow up on Twitter that the upcoming flagship device will come in five colors straight up upon launch instead of adding more color options gradually which is a good thing if you ask me. You wouldn’t wanna regret buying a black one when HTC will launch a grey one later right?

According to Shen Ye, the all new HTC One will come in … Continue reading

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HTC One (2014) To Feature MicroSD Card Support, Nano SIM


We expect to see HTC’s next flagship device, the all new HTC One, come March 25 which is a few days from now. But the most leaked and talked about device isn’t gonna stop leaking yet as more and more details are getting dropped left and right and this time, HTC santa Shen Ye posted on Twitter that the upcoming flagship device will feature a Nano SIM slot, and will feature a microSD card slot unlike it’s … Continue reading

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Rumor: HTC M8 To Be Unveiled In Late March


If you still haven’t heard of the HTC M8 device or the HTC One 2014 Edition, you must be living under a rock. The device is a strong contender for the most leaked and rumored device of this year.

And now according to the people’s leakster, evleaks, HTC’s 2014 flagship device may be officially announced at a New York Event in late March. That’s all the leakster has posted via Twitter, but considering … Continue reading

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Another HTC M8 Stock Wallpaper Leaked


All around leakster evleaks has done it again as they have leaked yet another stock wallpaper for HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone device, the M8, or the One (2014 Edition).

Like the first wallpaper, this one also has a resolution of 2160 x 1920 (.png format), which tells us that the M8 could indeed sport the rumored 1080p display.

And again to sum up of the rumors about the M8 up to … Continue reading

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Upcoming HTC M8 Or HTC One (2014) Stock Wallpaper Leaked



HTC’s next flagship device, codenamed the M8, has been the talk of the town fueled by a number of leaks and rumors from various trusted sources. And to sum up all the rumors up to now, the HTC One (2014) is said to sport twin sensors on it’s UltraPixel camera to improve image quality and depth of field. The device is also said to feature a slightly larger display with 2560 x 1440 resolution, and that … Continue reading

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