Half-Life 2 And Portal For The NVIDIA Shield Now Available In Google Play

Google Play

Rejoice NVIDIA Shield users, as the ultra famous console games Half-Life 2 And Portal is now available for your Android gaming console device.

Both Half-Life 2 And Portal costs $9.99 each, and is promised to give you the same console experience that you had before with your PS3. If you aren’t familiar with both games, Portal is a first person puzzle-platformer where you shoot your way out to make portals that will lead to … Continue reading

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ASUS’ Android Gaming Console “Gamebox” Spotted On AnTuTu


The NVIDIA Shield has been pretty much alone on the Android gaming console market with no noteworthy competitors out there. But that might change soon enough as an Asus device that goes by the name “Gamebox” has been spotted on AnTuTu benchmark.

According to it’s benchmark listing, the Asus Gamebox features a 1280 x 720 display, and a Tegra 4 chip with the Nvidia GeForce ULP. It also packs 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of … Continue reading

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Nvidia Tegra K1 GPU benchmarked, See How It Fared


The newly announced NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor is said to rely on 192 core graphics processing unit which equates to, in Nvidia’s words, more powerful than the GPUs found on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles, and even three times more powerful than the iPhone 5s.

And to justify that claim, the Tegra K1 went to it’s first public benchmark test and showed more than impressive results. On GFXBench’s T-Rex 1080p off-screen benchmark, the K1 GPU, came … Continue reading

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Nvidia is working on a 64-bit Tegra 6 SoC! (rumors)

According to info from ExtremeTech, Nvidia is working on the Parker SoC that will be worldwide available as Tegra 6! This SoC from Nvidia was scheduled to hit the market on 2015 as the first 64-bit chipset from Nvidia.


The “Denver” 64-bit cores will presumably be available during the first months of 2014, but this doesn’t mean that Nvidia will stop the evolution of Logan chip that’s so far first in the company’s roadmap. Nvidia will continue to promote “Logan” SoC (Tegra 5) which is based on Cortex A15 architecture (just like Tegra 4) … Continue reading

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