Intel Set To Enter The Wearable Tech Market



Aside from announcing their idea of making Android and Windows OS boot together on an Intel processor, Intel also announced their plans on entering the wearable tech market at CES 2014 by releasing it’s own smartwatch.

Intel stated that their smartwatch wouldn’t need to be tethered to smartphone as it will have its own connectivity on board. The gadget will support geofencing, meaning it would be able to handle location-based notifications.


“Wearables are not everywhere today because … Continue reading

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Intel Confirms Dual OS Initiative At CES 2014



We have seen glimpse of it before through Asus’ Transformer Book Trio, and yesterday at CES 2014 Intel has finally confirmed about it’s idea to put Android and Windows together on an Intel-powered devices particularly tablets, hybrids, and all-in-ones.

And why do Intel pushes this idea? What’s in for users to have both Android and Windows OS on a single device? Well it’s because of the hard fact that Windows is still the generally preferred OS for business … Continue reading

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Intel Investing On Their Own Wearable Tech Device


We mentioned last week that the wearable tech market could explode next year with Google, Samsung, and Sony already participating. HTC, LG, and Apple are also said to be working on their own version of Google Glass as well. And now we hear from a report that Intel is another one that wants to participate in the wearable tech race.

This report from Forbes seems to suggest that Intel has a major focus in the wearable technology … Continue reading

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Low budget android tablets coming with new Intel chip


Android devices using Intel’s Atom chip have been around for a while now, but with no real success. there was no clear incentive to pick a relatively new and unknown architecture on the mobile market over a proven and stable architecture, ARM.

This time around, however, Intel does offer you a very clear incentive to buy its tablets. Chris Walker, general manager for tablet processors, has revealed that there are tablets in the works with an Intel chip running … Continue reading

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