Hangouts bug: a lot of emoji temporarily disables the app

Google Hangouts were updated recently with the long awaited SMS integration, but apparently a new-found bug makes the app temporarily unusable. When large numbers of emoji emoticons are sent in a group chat, Hangouts will force close and fail to restart.

hangouts_kalagas_resizedReddit community posted this news, after a group chat with twelve people prematurely ended. Supposedly over 10 pages of emoji icons were sent, when the app crashed on everyone’s Android device and the chatters were … Continue reading

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Google Hangouts Will Not Get Voice Integration Until Next Year


Google Hangouts v2 has been released alongside the Nexus 5 but is not available on the Play Store yet. But since the Nexus 5’s factory image is already out, you don’t have to wait and just pull the APK’s from it or download from the one who pulled them already.

Hangouts has now integrated SMS support, but people are still demanding one more thing – Google Voice integration. Hangouts for iOS already received partial integration for Google Voice, allowing it to … Continue reading

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Hangouts updated to v1.2 – finally added availability status


Ever since Google introduced Hangouts to replace Google Talk, a lot of users has been disappointed for the lack of vital features that are present on GTalk especially the ability to see your contacts’ availability status. The Playstore rating has considerably went down and most of the bad user comments are due to those lacking features. A lot of people had to revert back to Gtalk (including me) wishing that Hangouts was just a bad dream.

But … Continue reading

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