LG Launches Limited Edition G2 In Gold And Red Color Options


It seems like producing new follow-up colors on flagship devices is starting to be a new trend as LG follows suit by launching two new color options for their reigning flagship device, the G2. The G2 is now available in gold and red color options, and will be priced the same as the black and white standard models, which is currently at $496 for the 16GB model, and $562 USD for the 32GB model.

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Is HTC preparing a gold version of HTC One?

I guess you all know about the new gold version of the new iPhone 5S that was just unveiled by Apple yesterday. Well it surely looks really cool and may impress a lot of you! It looks however that HTC thought the same and now – according to rumors- the company is preparing a Gold Edition HTC One smartphone.


The leaks seems to be credible, since it comes from the same Sina Weibo user who had leaked the … Continue reading

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