It’s official. Meet HTC One, gold edition

It looks Apple made a significant impact in the design factor of most companies around the world and HTC seems to have… bitten the bait. So here it is, ready for Christmas season the gold edition of HTC One that will be available in the European market.


Note that the device isn’t made out of real gold, but it’s colored in this type that looks like it’s golden, similar to the champagne gold iPhone 5S we all know. It’s … Continue reading

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Say Hello to the Gold HTC One Mini


Goldgenie, the company that has put its gold-plated spin on devices like the HTC One, iPhone 5S, and the iPad Mini has introduced their newest addintion; the 24 carat, gold-plated, HTC One Mini.

The gold HTC One Mini has a price tag of just $2020.95, and is available in Gold, Rose Gold or even Platinum finishes. The gold-plated One Mini is also presented in a luxury box with a cherry oak finish; with all accessories inside such … Continue reading

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