Nokia: 75% of all Android apps are compatible with Nokia X family phones

As you may have heard, Nokia unveiled recently its Nokia X family of Android smartphones, running on an AOSP forked version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with no Google Services! Nokia has installed a custom UI based on Asha’s Fastlane UI and has also developed their own App Store, with some apps that look a bit different than the ones you have grown to love all these years.


In order to help developers build more apps for their AOSP … Continue reading

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New developer features added in Google Play Games



Attention application and game developers, Google have announced today that they will bring some new features for the Google Play Games service that will make it easier for you to see and monitor what your players are doing inside the game and store more data in the Google cloud.

The new features include:

Game services statistics in the Developer Console – You will now be able to see stats about your game’s player activity in Google Play Games … Continue reading

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Sony urges devs to create apps for its new cameras

sony-camera-apiSony unveiled recently a new program and Camera Remote API and it looks like they are urging developers to start creating new apps for their hot cameras. According to the official announcement, the API will help you devs out there build apps that can control the camera, get the image of what the sensor sees, upload the images and even do some fancy things like time-lapse photography. The API is not single-platform depended, and will work with developers … Continue reading

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