Samsung explains ISOCELL technology found in Galaxy S5’s camera

Samsung has been working on ISOCELL technology for quite sometime now, trying to improve the camera features of their smartphones and according to their official info, they are now ready to use it widely, starting with Galaxy S5.


What is in fact, ISOCELL technology and why does it perform better than other technologies? In the following video by Samsung, you will surely learn all the answers. According to the Koreans, ISOCELL sensors are thinner than traditional BSI sensors, thus … Continue reading

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Google Working To Improve Android Camera – Raw Image Support and Burst Mode


According to Google spokeswoman Gina Scilgliano, Google is indeed working on rebuilding and improving the Android camera. This includes raw image formats and burst mode. This also confirms what the guys over at Ars Technica found about a hidden Camera API in Android 4.4 last week.

Gina Scilgliano said that the support is currently present in Android’s hardware abstraction layer (HAL), which handles the communication with a mobile device’s actual hardware. “Android’s latest camera HAL and framework supports raw … Continue reading

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Samsung phones with almost double pixel rate in 2014

Soon the smartphone world will be talking about WQHD resolution, or 2560×1440 pixel displays. On Samsung’s Analyst Day, the company presented its future plans, talking also about its display technology in the next couple of years. The South Korean giant promises to squeeze AMOLED panels with over 500 ppi and 1440 p resolution into a 5.2-inch handset.

samsung-dev-slideThat’s not all, because in 2015 they intend to go even further by expanding the resolution up to Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160). … Continue reading

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Samsung LSI and Sony To Compete For The Galaxy S5′s 16 Megapixel Camera

It has only been seven months after the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched but we are already hearing about a Galaxy S5 to be pushed on as early as January. It’s pretty understandable though as the Galaxy S4 isn’t getting as much sales as Samsung expected it to be. And S4’s sales are expected to drop even more when the much anticipated Nexus 5 gets launched.

And pretty much every time an OEM upgrades their flagship smartphones, you … Continue reading

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