LG Nexus 5 – a formidable gaming smartphone

Rightware’s Power Board compiles and stores benchmark databases and has just placed Google’s Nexus 5 as the second best gaming smartphone behind the Apple’s iPhone 5s.
On the Basemark X gaming graphics performance test Nexus 5 scored an 14.27, the iPhone 5s 15.54. Samsung Galaxy S4 is only fourth with a measly 8.20.

gaming-phone-showdownIf these benchmarks are to be trusted, Nexus 5 is a great gaming smartphone, packing a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad … Continue reading

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The benchmark woes – not just Samsung


So, you thought it was just Samsung? Guess what, “optimized” benchmarks like this is a common practice in the Android ecosystem.

Anandtech has released a report that most devices from major Android OEMs are “optimized” to score higher than it should in benchmark tests. see this for a more detailed explanation.

AnandTech conducted tests to various devices and discovered that other manufacturers, namely Asus, HTC, and LG, has done this as well. There are a few devices that came out … Continue reading

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Samsung intentionally boosts the Galaxy Note 3’s performance to raise benchmark scores


Samsung has been recently busted for tinkering with clock speeds to obtain higher benchmark scores for the Galaxy S4. And now that the Galaxy Note 3 is out, it’s no surprise that some people tries to find out ff the same gimmick has been done especially with the Note 3’s impressive benchmark results.

Well people over at Ars Technica has done just that. They conducted a quick benchmark comparison between the Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2 – both … Continue reading

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