Easy Android navigation with Edge

Navigation in Android interface has never been too difficult, but is constantly being simplified.
And the new app called Edge: Quick Actions brings a subtle innovation to the table.


Using it is very simple; swiping with your thumb from the device’s left edge opens a special transparent panel. There you can pick whichever service you need, for example recent apps, settings or any other shortcut.

Edge: Quick Actions is careful not to get in your way when you’re … Continue reading

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Manage your ideas and thoughts with Idea Growr

Good ideas often lead to something productive and if properly cultivated they create an even bigger impact to all aspects of our lives. It is very important to keep track of our ideas no matter how silly they might be.  A good and simple app like Idea Growr preserves your ideas and thoughs on your tablet or smartphone in an easy and sufficient way.


How does it work

When ideas pop into our minds, we usually store them in … Continue reading

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Mounts2SD – Storage & Memory Management


Mounts2SD is a customizable sd-ext control script that can be used to move content to and from the second sdcard partition known in Android as sd-ext. In addition to moving content, Mounts2SD comes with other features and is also the only script that has a bunch of safe guards build-in for almost any situation, making sure that when things go wrong, the script will adapt and try keeping your phone running 100% and try to make sure that data is not lost or … Continue reading

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