Indian company Carbonn wants to build dual boot Windows Phone and Android smartphones

Indian based company Carbonn intends to release soon dual OS devices that will be able to run on Android and Windows Phone OS, at least according to a report from Times of India.


The CEO of Carbonn Sudhir Hasija made a deal recently with Microsoft and mentioned: “Microsoft has made it easier for us to cooperate, opening the platform to other players. We have signed a deal with Microsoft and in the coming two months we plan to release a … Continue reading

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Report: Andy Rubin Offered Android To Samsung First, But Samsung Passed


Andy Rubin, the founder of Android, is now retired from his duties to the OS and is now working on robots with Google still. But did you know that Google wasn’t the first option back when Rubin was still finding someone to back the OS up?

Once upon a time in 2005, where smartphones wasn’t a bit of what it is now and when Android was only two years old, Andy Rubin and his small team of developers decided … Continue reading

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Nokia To Produce More Android Smartphones After The Nokia X?


According to a source from Artesyn Technologies, Nokia is looking to manufacture more Android-powered smartphones after they announce the Normandy, or Nokia X, in the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

The same source also said that the devices will vary from ow to high-end, and will be unveiled in May to June. But the biggest question is, regardless of what the Nokia X will feature, will these devices especially the high-end ones use Nokia’s … Continue reading

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Nokia Normandy specs leak

Well it was about time we had some semi-official specs leaking regarding Nokia’s first Android smartphone codenamed Nokia Normandy!


Once more @evleaks is responsible for these leaks mentioning that the aforementioned smartphone will pack a 4 inch display (800×480 pixels), quad core SoC, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. It will encorporate a 5 MPixels camera, along with dual SIM support and a 1500 mAh battery. As you can understand nokia plans to unveil a low range smartphone just … Continue reading

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New Windows Malware Found, Aims To Infect Your Android Device When Connected


In a generation where most people uses cloud services to transfer their files from one device to another, there are still those that weren’t blessed with fast internet connection or just prefers to manually connect them to their computer to transfer their files. But those users might have to think twice now as a new piece of Windows malware has been discovered that attempts to infect Android devices whenever it detects one. This Trojan attempts to install mobile banking … Continue reading

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Top 10 Free HD Android Games – Jan 2014 – Games4Droid #10

Games4Droid #10

In the video below you can find this month’s Top 10 Free Android Games…
The phones used in this video are the Samsung Galaxy S4 & the Note 3.
Not looking to argue, if you feel there are better games, leave it in the comments and we will add to future “Best Android Games” lists.
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