Nexus 5 – Casefanatic Kommandant Metal Case Review

Nexus 5 - Casefanatic Kommandant Metal Bumper Case

Check out the video below for my review of the Kommandant Aluminium Metal Case from Casefanatic for the Nexus 5.

The Kommandant Metal case is a very premium looking All-Metal case from Casefanatic.

While looks are great, how does it fare when it comes to real day to day usage? Let’s find out in this video…

Casefanatic is a very popular 3rd party accessory manufacturer commonly known for producing premium … Continue reading

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Samsung Issues Statement Regarding Incompatibility Of Third-Party Accessories On Galaxy Note 3 KitKat



The Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has made a lot of users happy as they were not made to wait long before getting the latest Android version for their devices, but what seems to be a treat turned into a displeasing inconvenience to some as many users has reported that the latest update made their third-party accessories incompatible with the said device.

And quick to issue an official statement regarding the issue is Samsung via … Continue reading

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Rumor: Samsung To Limit Third-Party Accessory Support By Planting ID Chips


Samsung, being the number one smartphone manufacturer in the market today, holds over half the smartphone market share in the world, giving it the ability to call some shots. And their next move? New rumors via ETNews suggests that Samsung may be restricting it’s third-party accessory support – Meaning you can only use genuine Samsung accessories or third-party accessories that has been approved by Samsung.

How? The rumor said Samsung plans to plant chips in their accessories, which … Continue reading

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