MediaTek unveils world’s first octa core SoC

MediaTek unveiled today its new MT6592 chipset that packs 8 real cores and not the hybrid 4+4 solution that is being used these days by some models like Samsung Galaxy S4 with Exynos SoC. This 28 nm chipset has 8 cores that can run up to 2GHz each (!) offering impressive specs and multitasking support. The SoC has a quad core on board GPU, it supports 4K media video playback and has also the ability to control in real-time the heat signature of the SoC and its energy consumption.

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Allwinner unveils its A80 Octa processor: Another cheap 8-core

Allwinner_Technology_logoAllwinner, the Chinese chip maker is set to unveil its first octa-core chip. The new CPU is Allwinner A80, an octa-core unit that adopts ARM’s big.LITTLE technology, (similar to the one Samsung uses on its Exynos chip), in order to balance performance and battery life in devices such as tablets and phones. You can switch to all 8 core usage, if you need all that firepower, or you can go with the strongest cores, and leave the less powerful … Continue reading

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