Samsung: New 13MP camera sensor with improved picture stability and better pictures in low-light.

new camera1-640Picture quality on smart phones has vastly improved in recent years. Most budget phones today have 8MP cameras and most Smartphone vendors have moved a step further to 13MP sensors. Some manufacturers are offering a 20MP camera, (like Sony) and some are offering even 41MP, (like Nokia). But Samsung has something different in its stable and this is the next camera on smart phones (probably we will see it on the Galaxy S5). Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics subsidiary confirmed … Continue reading

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Samsung: Dual-SIM version of the Galaxy Note 3 has just launched


In the last few years we have used to see Samsung to release a Dual-SIM version of the Galaxy family devices and Galaxy Note 3 is one of them as well.

The Dual-SIM version of the Galaxy Note 3 has just launched in China. The device is carrier unlocked, but remember to make the first activation with a Chinese SIM card before you try a SIM card from another Region.

Just like the international model of the Galaxy Note 3 … Continue reading

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