Swype: SwiftKey Keyboard update in Google Play witch called ‘Layouts for Living’

swype_four_phone640 As devices of varying sizes continue to enter the market and the line between tablets and phones blur, SwiftKey, became one of the most favourite keyboard app for many users. The good news is that today at 6th November 2013, SwiftKey releases its latest update in Google Play witch called ‘Layouts for Living’. About this release SwiftKey co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock said: “Layouts for Living makes it easier and more comfortable to type, whatever you’re using and whatever you’re doing. The choice is yours – your SwiftKey, your way. We received an overwhelmingly positive response from our beta testers and we’re excited to bring SwiftKey 4.3 to all our users.”

Actually, SwiftKey 4.3 provides users with new keyboard layouts that can be resized and moved anywhere on a device, empowering people to type however they want to, regardless of screen size. Users of Swype can now decide how big, small, wide or tall they would like their keyboard to be (split layouts included for landscape or tablets), change to the new Blackbird theme, type in two languages thanks to bilingual support, or use continuous dictation to see words and phrases appear on their screen as they speak.

swype640 The new version of SwiftKey also introduces a Canadian English option, bringing the number of supported languages up to 61. And to celebrate today’s launch, SwiftKey is currently 50% off in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Russia and New Zealand as part of Google’s Autumn promotion.


– SwiftKey 4.3 released in Google Play after successful beta.

– 3 custom keyboard modes to adapt to any situation.

– Canadian English language model added.


– Multiple layouts for easy typing on all screen sizes.

– Innovative keyboard layouts and modes for a better experience for all users across all screen sizes.

– Full keyboard including extended layout for tablets, Thumb keyboard for two-handed typing and Compact layouts for one-handed use.

– All three layouts can be resized and undocked so you can choose their position on the screen.

– Canadian English language model.

– Choose from 5 sizes to get your keyboard the perfect size for you.

– Undock your keyboard and position it where you choose on your screen.

– Rearranged and optimized secondary (123) and tertiary (symbols) layout, based on extensive user testing.

– A new theme: previously SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet had two different themes called “Dark”. Both are now available on phones and tablets, with the tablet.

– “Dark” renamed as “Forest”.

– Extended layout for tablets, including left and right cursor keys.

– All 4 cursor keys (up, down, left, right) are now available on the secondary (123) layout on tablets

– phone users can still choose to have cursor keys on the main layout.

– 10-inch tablets can choose to have a central numpad in the thumb layout in landscape.

– Combined phone and tablet app to give a seamless experience across all device sizes.

The latest version of SwiftKey is available for trial or purchase by new users and as a free update for existing users from today. SwiftKey is available for download from Google Play, Amazon App Store and Android PIT. So, let’s check it up!


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