Steve Kondik (the boss of the CyanogenMOD) hits again


Ok here are some mysterious news!

Steve Kondik, the CTO of the CyanogenMOD Inc., hits again with a strange post in his Google+ account. He posted a photo that he is with the other strong member of CyanogenMOD, Koushik Dutta but also with Pete Lau (the ex Oppo’s Vice president for engineering). So far nothing strange don’t you thing?

But wait, here is the good part of Steve Kondik’s post:

A few weeks ago, +Koushik Dutta and I were able to meet with +Pete Lau in Shenzhen and we began discussing our vision for a phone that would fuse truly amazing software with the highest quality hardware available. Together, we’re setting out to create that product. Stay tuned.

pete G+

There are several rumors that CyanogenMOD Inc. is working with an unspecified partner to release a new device that will have the latest top available hardware but in affordable price (as the Nexus series) and it will run CyanogenMod right out of the box.

The mysterious thing about Kondik’s post isn’t the post itself, but the fact that yesterday Pete Lau announced that he left Oppo! So if you combine these two posts from Kondik and Lau you may have the solution.

Will CyanogenMOD Inc. cooperate with Pete Lau to build a new brand that will unveil high-end devices running CyanogenMOD out of the box???

That is something that remains to be seen. We would like to see another player in Android’s battle field because the consumers will have more choices and the competition will force manufacturers to give more attention to their products.

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