Samsung’s iris scanner confirmed

The implementation of an eye scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 was only a rumor, but now the company confirmed it by a patent filing.


Apparently the original technology they wanted to use had limitations in being too big and expensive for a mobile device. But with the new ”Iris Scanning Function” that captures the user’s iris using the phone’s camera, things are on the right track again.

A proximity sensor and a light emitting unit provide enough flash to illuminate the iris, so that the sensor can capture and identify it. Since many people are still having trouble distinguishing between iris and retinal scanning, the main difference is that iris scanning is quicker, easier, cheaper and more convenient for a mobile lifestyle. It even works while you are wearing glasses or contacts lenses and is much more secure than fingerprint scanning.


The Galaxy S5 is rumored to be presented on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2014. Whether or not it will have the iris scanner is hard to guess. But Samsung obviously has the tech and just needs to manufacture enough supply for their last flagship in the Galaxy S lineup.


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