Samsung’s Galaxy S5 flagship will pack a 64-bit SoC?

According to rumors coming from UK, Samsung and ARM, the well known mobile application processor designer, fine-tuned their plan to equip the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone with a 64-bit processor! To be more specific, “executives from Samsung and ARM had a meeting today. They discussed the ARM 64-bit chip, which is expected to be used in Samsung’s smartphone next year,” mentioned a senior manager from the U.K.-based firm. He also added that “Cortex-M processors, which are used for products in the smart home system, might have been on the agenda.” 


Obviously no particular device was mentioned, so there’s no telling whether we will see this 64-bit processor packed inside a Galaxy S5 or a Note 4 device. Our guess is that perhaps Samsung will choose the Galaxy S5 in order to counter Apple’s latest flagship iPhone in one of its features as soon as possible. The ARM official also predicted that a 128-bit processor could hit the market in the next two years, but emphasized that this is only a thought and not a solid plan so far, as applications such as face recognition increase the demand on computing power.

So what do you think? Do we really need 64-bit and 128-bit smartphones any time soon?


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