Samsung’s ChatOn hits 100 million users


ChatOn, Samsung’s instant messaging application for various OS’s such as Android, iOS, Bada, Windows and Blackberry, has doubled it’s user base from 50 to 100 million registered users in just four months.

First introduced two years ago, ChatOn is a multi-platform IM tool similar to WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, and many others. ChatOn is currently available in 237 different countries and 63 languages. ChatOn has previously experienced steady increase of subscribers in India, China, the US and becoming more popular in Europe and the Middle East. Samsung also plans on adding more available languages to support in the future.

This is indeed an impressive growth but the cross-platform  IM competition is always fierce especially with the likes of WhatsApp, that has more than 300 million users and now BBM that has been recently made available for Android and iOS as well.

If you haven’t tried using ChatOn yet, here’s the Playstore link.


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