A Samsung SM-G910S gets certification plus new images leaked – is it the Galaxy round or flexible Galaxy Note 3?



A few days ago, A mysterious SM-G910S device from Samsung has gotten its certification over in Korea. The big question is, what device could it be? Judging from all the information that we have and all the rumors circling around, only two devices comes in mind – the Galaxy Round and the flexible variant of the Galaxy Note 3.

The common factor between the two “rumored” devices is the flexible screen. And if you haven’t read the past rumors and news, the very first rumor that came out is that the first smartphone with flexible display that Samsung will first launch is a variant of the Galaxy Note 3, which was overshadowed by the latest news this week that it will be a separate variant which will be called the Galaxy Round.

So which one is it? Guess what, it only became more of a mystery today as photos of a Samsung smartphone with curved display was leaked by evleaks via Twitter.



As you can see from the photos above, the flexible phone looks similar to the Galaxy line of smartphones which tells us that it could be very well be the Galaxy Round. but if you look at the back you will see the stitched leathery texture that is distinctive of the Galaxy Note 3.

Smartphones with flexible display has been getting a lot of attention these days and Samsung and LG will be the first ones to launch these kind of devices. Will smartphones with flexible display be a hit on smartphone market? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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