Samsung Getting Ready To Mass Produce Its Own Curved Batteries


According to, Samsung is ready to mass produce their own kind of curved batteries, Where Sang Jin Park, CEO of Samsung SDI, said that Samsung are ready to start the production of the new curved or warped batteries, but they had not received a parts order as yet.

The Galaxy Round features a curved screen, but still uses a flat and standard Li-Ion battery that is unable to make the most out of the Round’s curve, while the Round’s competition, the LG Flex, features both curved screen and battery making it able to fully use the G Flex’s curvature, which allows the battery to offer a greater capacity: 3500 mAh.

And as well all know, Samsung does not like to settle with being just second to other companies, that’s why Samsung has also recently shown off a new battery technology which relies on solid-state fuel rather than liquid, and will not only be fireproof, but flexible and shock resistant as well. This technology isn’t quite ready for prime-time though, and is only expected to be ready for mass-production in 2 years time.

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