Samsung Reaches It’s Target Tablet Sales For 2013 At 40 Million


According to the Korean media fnnews, Samsung insiders told them that the company has managed to reach it’s target tablet sales for the year 2013 at 40 Million units.

Samsung has sold 9.1 million at Q1 where it decreased to 8.4 million at Q2. It got back up again at 10.5 million in Q3, in total of 28 million units. With 12 million sales behind their expectations, a Samsung official even said that they aren’t sure if they can manage to meet the target with 3 months left on the year.

But thanks to the release of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and the power of holiday rush, Samsung has managed to meet their high standards by selling 12 million tablets at the final quarter of the year.

But it looks like Samsung isn’t contented by selling 40 million tablets for the previous year, as they look to go even further with a target of 100 million shipments for this year. And to reach that high and ambitious goal, Samsung has been focusing on tablets for the first quarter of this year as we have already seen some leaks of several Samsung tablets that we expect to be officially unveiled at MWC.
What do you think? Can Samsung reach this insanely high goal of selling 100 million tablets for this year? Let us know in the comments below.



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