Samsung publishes old-new information regarding Knox Trigger and CF-ROOT


2 months ago, I have published all the information you need to know about Samsung Knox Trigger(0x1) here.

Several days ago, Samsung published information regarding Knox trigger and CF-Root on thei Samsung’s Knox website. It might be old information since we already know what is the knox trigger, but it is new, at least for me, that Samsung publishes download links & tutorials to CF-Root on their own website.

CF-Auto-Root is an ODIN-based rooting method and works on almost all Samsung devices including the latest model GALAXY Note 3. The idea behind it is simple: it flashes a modified recovery.img and cache.img where the device boots into the modified recovery image. It then installs Chainfire’s SuperSU on the system partition (rooting the device), re-flashes back the stock recovery image, and cleans the cache. The method is popular primarily because it is the easiest way to root Samsung devices.
However, due to the use of a customized recovery image, CF-Auto-Root will trigger the security protection embedded in the trusted boot process, and an e-fuse will be burned to indicate that a non-KNOX kernel image has been loaded to the device. For example, some KNOX security mechanisms, such as SE for Android, will trigger an e-fuse if the system is booted with an arbitrary kernel, kernel initialization script or data, and therefore be disabled and no longer function correctly.
The sole purpose of this fuse-burning action is to memorize that a kernel or critical initialization scripts or data that is not under Samsung’s control has been put on the device.
Once the e-fuse bit is burned, a Samsung KNOX-enabled device can no longer create a KNOX Container, or access the data previously stored in an existing KNOX Container.  This is a mechanism to ensure that enterprise data will be protected as long as the rooting attempt is detected.


Well, as you can see, there is nothing new there, only some explanations how CF-Root works and how Knox trigger works.

You can see the full article on their website, here.

The only thing I am missing is what about the warranty? I guess we’ll have to wait more for this answer.


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