Samsung patents sports glasses connected to smartphone

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According to a design patent filing at the South Korean Intellectual Property Office (filed on March 8), Samsung is reportedly planning to develop a wearable computing gadget, similar to that of Google’s highly-anticipated Google Glass, with the name “Sports Glasses” .

Reminiscent of the Google Glass design, Samsung’s sketch shows a thumbnail-sized display over the left eyeglass, while Google’s eyewear has a tiny display over the right eyeglass that shows information and websites. The patent shows that the glasses place more of an emphasis on “the sporty aspect”, which would allow you to play music and receive phone calls through earphones built into the eyewear’s frame. It also gives hands-free control over the smartphone, links with your smartphone to display phone alerts, and looks like there’s also a camera.  




A lot of tech giants, like Google and Sony, are entering the yet unexplored wearable computing market with their smart gadgets, including watches, and eye wears. Samsung has already launched a smartwatch from its Galaxy series, called as Galaxy Gear last month, which is a smartphone-connected wristwatch.

The main question is that Google Glass continues to offer new features and services (like a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that lets users search the web, use apps and respond to spoken instructions), while a Samsung-specific set of eyewear could lack the same developer support. Besides, it was not clear from Samsung’s sketch and description, whether its eyewear would be equipped with a touch control and a camera like Google Glass nor whether it would connect directly to the mobile Internet or be a slave to a smartphone. Actually, the name and the description specify the Samsung product is designed for outdoors activities or sports.

However, if Samsung chooses to sell them at a more consumer-friendly price than Google’s $1,500 Glass, it could attract more buyers. Samsung may not have hit it out of the park with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but perhaps it’ll have more luck with another new wearable. Only the time can show us what customers will choose.


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