Several Samsung and HTC Devices Banned From Benchmark Site For Cheating


The controversy about Android OEMs cheating on benchmark tests to get a more appealing scores may have lost it’s steam by now but benchmark conducting groups – with their pride for giving accurate scores on the line, are still taking actions and preparing for the next generation of devices that may have have tricks on them to up their benchmark results.

One of them is Futuremark, a benchmark conducting group that ranks smartphones and tablets according to their 3D test scores by measuring the graphical performance, has removed the the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, HTC One and HTC One mini off their list. Banned. This may mean that if you benchmark test your device, it will no longer be stored on Futuremark database, thus losing your ability to compare your results with other devices.

This does not directly solve the issue regarding the cheating of benchmark results, but if other popular benchmark conducting group follow suit, it will definitely make an impact on a device’s reputation, giving the smartphone manufacturers a reason think twice before putting on a gimmick to cheat their devices’ benchmark scores.



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