Will Samsung give to Galaxy Note II the new touchwiz and features? Apparently not.


We are all waiting for the upcoming update for the Galaxy Note II (N7100) but we might get disappointed.
Last week, Galaxy S3 received 4.3 update (you can read about it here) and we got the list of the major upgrades there.
Today, SamMobile got a new info about the update for Note II. They received a picture from Settings-> About device from someone who claims that he got the last & official 4.3 firmware for the Galaxy Note II – XXUEMJ9.

The build number of the firmware is N7100XXUEMJ9, while the build date is of October 31st, making us fairly certain that it’s the final version of the update that will roll out officially.


The build number – XXUEMJ9 – is the same as the official Galaxy S3 build’s number. Since S3 & Note II have almost the same hardware, we can expect that the changes will be the same as the Galaxy S3 (the list of changes can be found here) . Also we might get some S-Pen features from Note 3.

From previous firmware leaks, we can infer that Samsung is not going to give Note II users the new TouchWiz & Features. Galaxy S3 Official 4.3 doesn’t have the new Touchwiz or improved system UI (For Example, the camera UI from S4). Since the build number is the same as the S3 Official firmware build number, I can surly tell that Note II users won’t get them too.
As for new features, like S-Pen features, the new Snote, Shealth, Stranslator and some motions, Note II users won’t get them too(there is a minor chance for some new SPEN features, but we can only guess on that).

The only excuse of Samsung to not give the new features & TouchWiz is their fear from lower sales of th Galaxy Note 3. Note II’s hardware can run perfectly Note 3’s touchwiz or features.

As a Galaxy Note II user and developer, I am disappointed from Samsung. After 5 months of waiting for 4.2.2 and 4 months of waiting for 4.3, I have expected for a real major update. I hope I am wrong with this information, but only time will tell.

UPDATE: We got some pictures from the firmware. Thanks Bhanu

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